Code of Conduct

The men's shed code of conduct is designed to focus on particular values identified by Men's Shed that are central to their integrity. 

Providing a safe and supportive social environment.
We specialize in:
Providing a safe physical environment.
Be able to guide members to other services or agencies when appropriate or requested.
Respect the rights and decisions of members.
Respect the confidentiality and privacy of members.
 Purpose of the Men's Shed:
A men's shed is a community-based, non-profit, non-commercial organisation accessible to all men providing a safe, friendly and healing environment where men are able to work on meaningful projects at their own pace in their own time in the company of other men.
New security screens had to be added to our shed to prevent senseless vandalism and we are putting in new CCTV so that in the future we can see who is doing these senseless acts.  The local police do a good job in patrolling the area as much as possible but at the end of the day they only have so many resources at their disposal.
Material Supplies

Triton United Kingdom

For all those parts and accessories that you find hard to obtain locally go directly to Dennis Leverett by contacting him at or you can try we have found Dennis to be very efficent in any dealings we have had with him and highly recommend him to all.

Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific Pty Limited
Recently we had the good fortune to be contacted by Dyno Nobel who advised us that they had some surplus material that our Gracemere Men's Shed may be interested in.  We are always looking for material that we can use in various projects we undertake for members and community based projects.  The Gracemere Men's Shed thank Dyno Nobel for their generosity and look forward to a long mutual relationship with the company.
Our first of two containers on site at the Gracemere Men's Shed giving us the space to store timber and completed projects.  The rail sleepers are in place ready for the second container which should arrive some time in February or early March. Thanks very much to Dyno Nobel for their generosity in giving us the containers plus the timber that we can put to very good use.  Our second container has arrived and is now in place thanks to Mark at Dyno Nobel and to Dan's Quick tow who placed the container on site perfectly for us.  This new container will be fully utilized very soon and will free up more space in our workshop area.
Shelving completed in the latest container.
This has been a while in coming but is well worth the wait.  We now have the space to store our paints and fuel in safely as it is away from our main workshop area.  This new container is also for storage of our mowers and a BBQ set up on a small trailer which we can use out in the field when we do BBQ's for various organisations from time to time.  The BBQ trailer was kindly donated to our shed by a local family and is very much appreciated.
The President of the Gracemere Men's Shed Inc. presented Clint Wehmeier of Alline Roofing Systems with a certificate of appreciation for all the help they gave us as we constructed a bus shelter/smokers shed for a local aged care facility in Gracemere.
The bus shelter/smokers shed constructed by members of the Gracemere Men's Shed Inc.  Our part was to construct the unit and deliver it to the site.  The aged care facility agreed to place a concrete pad down with the legs embedded to complete the project.

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