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Above the President Kevin Dore  presented David Finlay with an Honorary Life Membership of the Gracemere Men's Shed on behalf of all the members.
Over the past 10 years or more David dedicated a lot of his time into auditing the financials for our shed, he also had a lot to do to make us legal with the office of Fair Trading and the ANCN.  David also spent a lot of time to bring our shed's constitution up to date.  Hours and hours of work has been done behind the scenes and all of our shed members thank David very much for the effort he has put in over the years. 
Presentation to Sarah Mitchel- AnyonToday we had the pleasure of presenting Sarah with a bouquet of flowers after a short speech by our President Kevin Dore. Kevin thanked her along with the Stanwell Corporation for all the valuable assistance they have given our shed since it was first opened in 2014 at 101 Ian Besch Drive Gracemere. Sarah bought along Brett a third year apprentice to show him first hand how our Men's Shed was set up and operated.During the morning tea break Sarah and Brett outlined their rolls at Stanwell that was interesting to our members. Also during the morning Sarah passed onto us some very worthwhile tips to help us proceed now and to continue with our safety programs well into the future. We are sincerely grateful for these wise words that help us to expand and attract new members.
Above we have the president of the Gracemere Men's Shed Kevin Dore accepting a very generous donation from David Forward President of the Sons of the Southern Cross, a group of Harley Davidson enthusiasts. David had two members of the Rocky Chapter with him who arrived today the 27th July 2023 on three very different model Harley Davidsons, each bike was in immaculate condition. We gave them a tour of our shed and they were impressed with the type of work we can do and the projects we undertake from time to time.
The Wholesale Paint Group have been exceptionally good in giving us all the help we needed to be able to stain and lacquer our projects once we completed them. With their knowledge and perserverance we have gained so much that has greatly improved the way in which we now finish our projects to a much higher standard that is acceptable to all.
Above top left is a 3 "D" version of a cutting board made By Peter at the Men's Shed, this is exceptional job that takes many hours to assemble plus the other three types of cutting boards. 
The Shoe rack above was made for a local lady in Gracemere by Chris at the Men's Shed, this unit will hold nine pairs of shoes.
We recently made up a coffee table for the new Rockhampton Hospice being constructed in Agness Street Rockhampton. The top was salvaged from the Loreto Convent and members of the Gracemere Men's Shed cleaned the thick paint off it then manufactured a frame and legs to make up a coffee table.
The new office desk above allows for two people to sit side by side when working on important documentation that is required from time to time. The old curved desk was only good for one person to use. Chris made this desk using 18mm ply recycled from the Stanwell Corporation after they completed a shut down for maintenance. The finish was done using a 60% Lacquer to highlight the timber grain.

Gracemere's RSL Club's New Lectern

A couple of the members of the Gracemere Men's Shed undertook the project to manufacture a Lectern for the Gracemere RSL in such a way that it could be carried in small vehicles as it could be dismantled with no tools required as the three parts slide together.

Turn Style for the Gracemere RSL Club

Above is a Turn Style made at the Men's Shed for the Gracemere RSL Club to display a penny of 1822 vintage. By turning the brass knob on top of the unit allows viewing of both sides without touching the penny. Howard undertook to do this project and he has done an excellent job as a member of our shed and the Gracemere RSL Club.
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