On the 11th July our Gracemere Men's Shed inc. held the annual General Meeting to elect the new committee for the 2020/2021 year.
The new committee now consists of twelve members to comply with the law, in the past we only had an eight member management committee.
The above photo will be changed once we have rewritten the Shed's Constitution in the coming months.

Fathers Day Raffle for the 06 September 2020

We thank Bucko's Beef City Meats and Brent's Fire Pits and Smokers of Gracemere who ran a Fathers Day Raffle with the proceeds going to the Gracemere Men's Shed Inc.  With the Covid - 19 shutdown this generous donation was very well received by our members.  Please show your support to these two local business houses in Gracemere.  Thankyou.

Stanwell Corporation

The member of the Gracemere Men's Shed would like to acknowledge the donation of money the Stanwell Corporation made to our shed as we were coming out of lockdown due to the Covid-19.  This generous donation made it possible for us to purchase all the extra sanitizing material that was required to keep our shed running safely during these trying times and is ongoing until further notice.  
Thanks to the Management and staff of the Stanwell Corporation for making this possible.

On the left we made up five easels for an Art Exhibition in Rockhampton and on the right eight fruit display stands were made for the Rockhampton Show Society that were used for schools to exhibit fruit produce themes and they were judged on the outcome.

 The above Photos are of wooden horses for a Merry Go Round.  

We have finished all six and the customer was very impressed with the finished product.

Above is a wooden Ironing board complete with a wooden Iron that wooden iron a thing.

Rob had the fittings and with help from Cliff they made up these gold weighing scales using solid red cedar. In the centre they made up a small draw to hold the weights.

Cliff has done an excellent job making up this modified day bed for a local resident of Gracemere.  A lot of timber had to be laminated up to give us the sizes needed to complete the project for the lady who was very pleased with the finished project.
Above is a Jack and Kill seat that we made up for a lady who wanted it made out of hardwood as it is to be used outdoors and to protect it from the weather we oiled it.  This unit looks very good once it was oiled as it bought the grain in the timber out.

This scale model rail road system was in kit form and Tom and Peter "S" put their hands up to take on the project.  It took them many hours of work getting all the details correct.  They had to get the track right then build the tunnel and rail station.  Even the ballast on the tracks looks real. Top job Tom and Peter. Sadly shortly after this photo was taken Tom passed away.

Above is the train set being test run to make sure all the tracks are working and all the points work as they are supposed to do and it all worked to perfection once finished. The boys delivered this to the owner who was overjoyed with the end result when he saw it for the first time.

Above is a cat climbing setup to help amuse a couple of cats in a back yard in Rockhampton.  It is a plan and build as I (Chris Bailey) went along and it seems to be turning out OK so far and we used some indoor/outdoor carpet on the ramps and the top of the two boxes on the bottom. After this it was painted brown and we delivered it by the middle of January.  I took on doing this project between doing  other things in the shed.

On the left is an Astronomy Chair that Alan and Ron made up from plans a gentleman bought into our shed and they did and excellent job. Centre is four Buddy Seats made up for the Rotary Club of Rockhampton Fitzroy, the steel legs were cut and welded by Lorne and Peter and the timber machined by Col, Chris and Peter then assembled before being oiled ready for the Rotary Club to install them into local schools.  On the right is a number of frames made up for Lysaght Rockhampton to display the older style of roofing iron and the different logos on some of them, thanks to Peter for making these up.      

End of Year Dinner at the Kabra Hotel 2019

 Once again we have enjoyed a great night at the Kabra Hotel for the members and their partners to celebrate a fantastic year of progress at our Gracemere Men's Shed Inc.  This year we had 39 attending.  Top marks to Joe and her staff who set up the venue for us and the meals were excellent again this year.   A big thanks to the Kabra Hotel who put in a lot of hard work behind the scenes to make the night so successful for us.

Standing Col Matthews Vice President making the welcome speech for the annual dinner held at the Kabra Hotel on the 14th December.  Sitting on the right was Graham Luck the Capricornia Representative for the Queensland Mens Shed Association Inc.  Graham was very impressed that we thought to invite him to our end of year dinner and he enjoyed the night.  At the time of the dinner I, Chris Bailey President, was laid up in hospital in Brisbane and missed a great night.  Thanks to Col and Graham for making the few speeches on my behalf on the night.

To the right we have members and their partners enjoying pre dinner drinks and nibblies prior to the dinner being served shortly after 6:00pm.

Above are members chatting while waiting for everyone to turn up at the Kabra Hotel for the end of year dinner.   This is a good time for members to chill out and talk about other things that are not connected with the Gracemere Men's Shed.

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